Компания создет комплексные решения для сбора и обработки данных на основе сети распределенных датчиков. LoRaWAN — это современные технологии для создания комплексных решений IoT (Internet of Things) и повышения качества управления всеми вашими данными с помощью умных технологий Интернета-вещей.
Семейная пиццерия в Загребе (Хорватия). Приготовление пиццы — это настоящее искусство, и мастер пиццы Дариан Каталинич, владелец загребской пиццерии Chello, знает об этом. Пиццерия Chello стала неотъемлемым местом для гурманов и поклонников этого популярного блюда.
What we do.
A complete set of services to create a brand new website or redesign a live website in sync with current trends and demands. In our team, developers and designers work closely alongside one another. This tight interaction is critical in developing a responsive website that will amaze its visitors.
MIDSUN is a UI/UX design and branding agency that leads your business to desired success

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Web Design
We design an intuitive user experience to reach business goals and exceed customer expectations. Each project begins with thorough target audience research and prototyping. In the end, you receive a product tailored to your user needs.
Mobile Design

Your growth is our priority. To take your business to new heights, we build a unique identity and help you stand out from the rest. From a brand model to a design plan, we reinvent logos, corporate identities, mockups, and create a relatable brand persona. Your brand is more than a tagline, it is a message that we will make known.
We apply the latest technologies and harness the opportunities that web/app development opens in user interaction. We build highly maintainable solutions. In the end, with a tasteful design and polished UI/UX, your product will become a stairway to success and will retain a multitude of happy users.
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